One of my greatest mentors once taught me that, “If you’re going to use excuses, why waste time and energy thinking up new ones, instead, just pick one you like and stick with it.” I later learned that it was very much the way that he dealt with untruth’s. He once told me, “Honest people don’t need to have very good memories.”

It took me a little while, but I started to understand both of those all to well.

This is what brings us to Any-Excuse.com. A project under development by True North Training Solutions whose purpose is to help you develop a system of steps that you can ALWAYS use as a default. That way, no matter WHAT is happening in your life, you get fired, your spouse leaves you, or you just can’t get away from the IRS, you have a system that you can always default to, that will allow you to spend the time you need dealing with your “issues” while still advancing your goals and dreams!

For example, if you came from our other project WriteYour Bookin21Days.com and yet somehow “life keeps eating up all the time you have set aside to write your book, you will have a series of lessons that you can default to that will allow you to deal with your issues and still reach your goals of writing your book! This is especially handy if you have signed a production contract with your publisher, not something we recommend, but it happens, you can have all the interruptions you want, and STILL reach your publishing deadlines!

So sit back, and look at what we have to offer, this is a system under development, so if its still the 1st half of 2012 than you will get to watch the whole thing take shape, WHILE attaining your own goals and dreams. At the very least, subscribe to the blog and you will be amazed at how much you get done!