You know so far everything that we have been talking about has been pretty easy, because so far we haven’t had to DO anything, well now that changes. But before we put things actually into motion let’s decide what it is that we really SHOULD be doing. I find so many people in this world who are confusing ACTIVITY with PRODUCTIVITY that it makes your heart hurt. So let’s make sure that were not like those folks with the big ‘ol Franklin Planners who will gladly show you just HOW busy they are by whipping out their paper calendars. Only to be out done by the folks who moved up to electronic tablets, because they will demonstrate just how OVER booked they are… STOP IT. You’re making my heart hurt. No one, not even the President of these United States should be THAT busy. So who are YOU trying to fool?

So, what should be your first piece of actual action? Bottom line your activity needs to match your desired outcome. How do you determine that? Well in the old days we called it dream building, unfortunately too many folks took that too far and all the DID was dream build, then there were the folks who took dream building and made a weekend long seminar out of the idea. Somewhere in between is the ideal goal, and if you will look back at my post on infinite goals you will find yourself smack dab in the middle!

What>? Oh no, I just looked back and realize you guys haven’t yet SEEN my infinite goals idea.

Well I HATE (ok not really) to get off track (any more) but you REALLY need that!

So, we will pause our goals conversation and when you come back NEXT you will see the infinite goals process and then we will talk about how THAT integrates into what you do!

So remember if your going to use an excuse, use anyone you want, just make it a good one, because chances are real good that youre going to have to live with it for a LONG time!