Honesty, whether your advertising youreself, your business or….

One of our regular readers hit us up with the following:

I’ve been ‘practicing’ my presentation that I use with my clients, but somehow tit is not coming across as “genuine” to me. As someone who promotes a specific ethical stance this doesn’t seem to be representing complete transparency, am I not being honest? ”

I’m not the most popular guy in the world when it comes to certain subjects because Dad always told ME to tell the truth. A lot of folks don’t believe that you can have a long and successful career using the truth, but it served my Dad pretty well, and so far its never hurt me either. As a wise man once said, “It’s a lot easier to tell the truth than to try and keep UP with all the different lies you’ve told different people.” Since my memory just ISN’T that good, I think I’ll stick with the truth!

A LONG time ago, back in the 70’s even, (I know pre-history for many) there was. A book out called “Looking out for #1” by Ringer. It was a HUGE seller and as I recall this guy made the rounds of ALL the talk shows. While I was traveling one day I saw it in a used bookstore and figured I’d see what all the hullabaloo was, maybe I can find something that would apply (this was the 1980’s). As of TODAY it remains one of about 5 books that I have never been able to finish! It SEEMED to me that it was all about self service and achieving what YOU want by stepping on as many different folks as you could on your way to getting it! That’s just NOT the way I was raised. But I will admit that opinion is based on 5 chapters, I never finished the book. But again. that’s just an observation based on a few chapters.

But let me ask you this:

1. Do you believe in your product or service?

2. Do you believe that if your client has a problem that your product or service can solve they should really invest in YOU first?

3. Do you believe that you are the best person to service your clients?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then I believe you have not only a right but an OBLIGATION to do everything you can to make sure your client sees those benefits and buys your product! Again, staying in the realm of truth, honesty and morality.

One of the reasons that I am VERY picky about whom I work with and who I teach our methods to is that they can be VERY strong tools, when used properly. But how many of us would put a 10 pound sledge in the hands of a 10 year old? Why not, it’s a GREAT tool! That’s right it is, and having been a 10 year old boy I can tell you that for him it will provide HOURS and HOURS of fun by SMASHING everything he can, regardless of who gets hurt.

In the same way, the our “Any-Excuses” resources can show you how to put your team or yourself control and allow you the time you need to work with the PEOPLE as well as advance your business! Unfortunately it can also give you the ability to DESTROY a team member that has ticked you off. In the wrong hands these tools can show you how to reveal YOUR bosses weaknesses and get HIM fired. It may give someone short term desire fulfillment but the long term damage would be HUGE.

Let your tools help you and the folks around you. Not hurt you or anyone else.

In the same way, if your presentation doesn’t sound honest and transparent to YOU, it’s probably not.

If your ‘specific ethical stance’ is directly related to how honest and truthful you are being in your methods, than there is something in the presentation or the way its being presented that you feel is not living up to your ideals. If there are some specific ideas or issues that you’d like to address drop us a line, we can work on them together!


Rememebr. if youre going to USE and excuse, make it a good one,. then, no matter what use that one!





P.S. On the other hand, what if your sales ratios went above 90%? What if your relationships, at work at home in your community were to become AMAZING?