…and now for something I know you’ll REALLY like…

I got a gift the other day. I came home from work and lo and behold there on my doorstep was a package with a book in it. At my house that’s not REALLY an unusual thing, matter of fact you can come to my house almost any day UPS/FEDEX/USPS are working and you will probably find a package on the doorstep, and were you to open it, yep, you’d find a book. But what made THIS book a gift is that I don’t remember buying it. I mean I buy a LOT of books, from all over the world (thank you internet), but for the most part they all come through one of 3 importers. This one was wrapped in a big commercial package, from a business that have frequented once in the last 5 years, and that was to buy a book a friend of mine wrote and ONLY released it THROUGH this one source (www.AndyAndrews.com), and for once I wasn’t willing to wait for the mail.


So, once my son realizes its not only not a toy for him, but that its not even a book for him, he loses interest and tries to get me involved in his newest building project, so I set the book aside. Then about a week later I did the unthinkable, I left my tablet at home. Yes the one repository guaranteed to NEVER let ME get bored, the one thing that carries over 600 books on subjects from business to seduction to the bible, and I forgot to bring it with me, so I grabbed this book and threw it in my briefcase. Well the day was pretty hectic, so come lunch I decided I needed a break, so I started thumbing through the book. WOW, now I feel like I’ve wasted a week.


This book is really a great book. For those of you wondering its “The Barefoot Executive” by Carrie Wilkerson, purportedly a working mom, coach, speaker, business owner. I admit, sounds like a book I would read, as a matter of fact as I read it I’m finding that not ONLY is it a great book because of what’s in it, but because Mrs. Wilkerson writes in the same “conversational style” that I do. So it feels very comfortable reading it, and it’s a very quick read.


So I go home and start talking to my wife about it, hoping that she might admit to buying it, no dice. Then I notice on the jacket that there is a blurb by Dave Ramsey, one of Mic’s favorites, so I go check his site. No dice. See every now and then Dave will run a special on a book that he feels will be of benefit to his listeners, but couldn’t find anything on this one. However, all though the book she refers to these “free resources” that she’s giving away at her website, tool, audio clips, video’s ideas to help promote and further engrain these concepts that she’s teaching into the reader. So that not only are you reading it, but the information is start8ng to become part of you. Brilliant!


The I get to a certain part of the book, and realize that this is not just a “business book”, this is a book that almost EVERYONE that I know should read, and were I not in the midst of giving away copies of Andy’s book “How Do you Kill 11million people,” I would feel compelled to send THIS to at least a dozen folks I know. Later that night Mic asked me to help her move some EBooks to her Nook Color, so I work through that process and while doing so find where the Nook is stashing a bunch of other files, you’ll NEVER guess what I found there? Well OK maybe by now you could guess, Yep the EBOOK version of the Barefoot Executive. So I ask her if this is a book that she maybe ‘accidentally’ bought ad downloaded. (Hey it’s a nook they make it VERY easy to make such mistakes, I’ve done it!) She’s as bewildered as I am as to where the book came from, as her reading tastes tend to run between Vampires, Biblical research and Medical tomes of knowledge not seen since the dawn of man.


Well after 3 days of reading I just sent her the same email I’m going to give all of you. Don’t walk, RUN, physically or virtually, to your favorite bookstore, online or box, library or even the authors website: http://carriewilkerson.com/ and buy a copy. Matter of fact, if you want to check it out Carrie even allows you to DOWNLOAD a free chapter. Now for you legalists, yes you do have to give a name and email address to get the pdf, but since she’s not using a “double opt-in” (thank you!) it doesn’t even have to be YOUR email The chapter that she gives you is one of the early chapters that really carries a lot of weight. By that I mean that if you’re not of the same thought patterns as Carrie you will probably find this all a little overwhelming, and possibly even somewhat incredulous. But as someone who has been in business for myself for 20 years I can tell you that for a fact, what she is presenting is 100% accurate. Something’s you need to tale on face value.

You can make progress or you can make excuses, you can’t make BOTH.


So if youre going to make excuses pick one, any one, just make sure its one you like, because you may be stuck using it for DECADES