Choose one please…

OK, of the following, which of these would you classify as a legitimate reason for not working, and which would be excuses?

1. i broke my knee in 6 places

2. my mom is in ICU for 3 weeks and then sent home on isolation for 3 months

3.  My job relocates, resizes and re interviews all employees

4.  I’m asked to run my team on last summers budget

5.   with someone else gunning for my job I am asked to take off rotating weeks to care for mom

6.   The Christmas and NY Holidays.

7.   My car dies

I think that should sum up the events, not necessarily in that order that have occurred since last November. So I ask again, which are legitimate reasons for not getting the job done, and which are excuses?

Well by my OWN judgment they are ALL nothing but excuses. Why? Because really at the bottom, the core of what I teach is the idea that is your believe in what you’re doing, and you REALLY examine and get to know your processes, there should never ever be a day that goes by that you legitimately have a reason for not getting SOME piece of the job done. And as you slowly but surely do one thing every day, you are going to find that they all add up top that next big BREAK!

Even if that’s not 100% the case., you are certainly going to find yourself much farther along than you were.


SO Starting with our next post, no more excuses, We are going to push forward and get to the bottom of the core concept of how NOT to have anymore excuses and instead how to power through.

So Tune in next tome for some clear cut lessons that will tell you what it is that you need to do!

Until then, remember, instead of coming up with 7 ‘different; reasons and trying to explain the ALL just pick an excuse, any excuse, and use THAT one instead of maintaining a whole stable, regardless of how true they may or may not be.

As a matter of fact some folks are so well organized that they just call out a number. You’ll pull up a stool at the “Dew Drop Inn” one night and hear folks shouting a bunch of number .”!0, 12, 47, PI” (the last one shouted by the local math professor) Because they know that if its day time and their not producing, then no one and I mean NO ONE wants to sit and listen to their excuses.

So don’t provide any, instead give them a safe place to vent, and a smack on the rear to get them moving again and ‘wagon trains HO!” get them out of there!

Any excuse will do, but remember, by choosing that over your production you are choosing to live a quiet life of desperation.