Ok, MAYBE there is ONE excuse I can’t get around…


Sorry I haven’t been around more. “Oh no here come the excuses…” Right, I can hear some of you now, heck you think I don’t READ my own email? Of course I do, and as much as this whole project is about NOT accepting excuses, not making them, and not dealing with them, I think I have actually found one that I don’t have a response for. See I have worked through almost every single kind of issue you can name. Joint replacement? Been there. Surgery? Been there lots! Unemployment? Yup. Birth of a child and spouses unemployment? Yes and yes! So with THAT kind of resume, what could keep me away from the keys long enough that I couldn’t bang out a few words every now and then?

Well actually there are 2 sides to the same excuses but here go:


Yours or som3one you love. Either of THOSE situations will pretty much stop MOST folks cold in their tracks. Now the smart ale-ks are typing their replies now about submissions from the afterlife, so lets leave them to it and instead focus on what happens when someone you care for, makes that last trip alone?

In my case we actually were working towards a treatment, when while performing a procedure to shore up their health, it was discovered that the cancer had gotten radically aggressive, and gone way beyond the treatment stage. From that moment, after six month of day in and day out care and nurturing, she was at the point where she knew she was going home, and it wouldn’t be long. Now you may not have drawn this, from my previous writings, but I am a conservative born again Christian, and so my views on death and the way I handle it are pretty far flung from everyone else’s around me.

However even with my built in handling method, there is still that period of time where you need your own personal down time, and if you have a family (your own wife and or children) you have to be able to multiply THAT by a factor for 4 or 8 and see how well you can bring things back in swing.

So, that being said, if you or someone close to you happens to pass away, please don’t think of it as an excuse, it is a part of the natural cycle of life, regardless of your belief system you’re going to pass of this plane of existence. So its not an excuse but do NOT let it become the nail in YOUR coffin. Unless of course you happen to be the one who died in which case OK, that is the only reason to accept a permanent cessation of TRYING! But if you’re still breathing here are a few things to consider:

1) Would the person your “mourning” have wanted you to STOP pursuing your dream?

Now if your dream was to become a Hasidim Jew and your mom was catholic, perhaps you should change to wording of your dream to be “fulfill my spiritual destiny.” Otherwise mom may object.

2) Would your family member have something that THEY left ‘untaught’ that should now become part of your passion?

My mom for example was a GREAT teacher of relationships, but she probably didn’t, in 7 years, have the time to teach my son everything she thought he needed to know about relationships with people. SO now its part of MY goal to help pass that along!

3) If you DON’T have any spiritual leanings, email me and I’ll see what I can do to point you in a direction that will best help you. If I can love and laugh and teach about something so recent, so can YOU!


“How far does the spirit travel on the journey home?” RS.


Or, you could of course just pick an excuse, any excuse, and use it anyway.

Just make it a good one, after all you will be using it for the rest of your life!