…and the next excuse was…

There is no next excuse, that’s what were here for, to make sure that the last excuse you used was the last one you will ever need. But its been so long and I forgot to do this, and I didn’t call that person and…


Hey we all get busy, suck it up and get on with it. I mean that with all the love and sincerity I can fashion. If I had a big hammer with a velvet slip cover, I would be using it, but I cant find one!


So, you have once again, found yourself facing the fact that it is infinitely easier to NOT do than TO DO. What can you do to break that habit once and for all?


I’m going to mention a word, this world may not mean much to you it did get a bad rap in some areas a few years ago, but that’s OK, right? I mean in the beginning you said I could talk to you like were both adults here. That word that you need to use is ACCOUNTABILITY.


There are a bunch of “groups” that have tried to make off with the group, but unfortunately that’s not what were talking about, although it is going to get harder before it gets easier, because now I’m going to suggest that you need an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. A what?


Yep that’s right an accountability partner. Someone to whom when you make a commitment and you fail to live uiop to your end of the bargain, YOU FEEL BAD FOR DOING SO!


When I first heard about this concept I was fresh out of a bad relationship,m trying to recreate a new business and my very best friend introduced me to, what I thought at the time, was one of the GREATEST business partners that would ever cross my path. This guy looked better, looked younger, was in better shape both physically and financially, and yet he was running not one but 3 businesses as well as coaching his kids league teams and active in his church. IN my neighbor hood we call that SUPERMAN! And I wanted to be like that, I realized one night that beyond the money and the notoriety I wanted the type of relationship he had, I wanted the time control he had, I wanted…


So I asked him one night, “Phil I’m doing everything I can, but I want more, I want what YOU HAVE. That’s when he introduc3ed me to an accountability partner. He said, “OK Jay, here’s how we’ll play it, I will coach you in business and what you think you want, but at the end of our meetings, I’m going o give you 2 pieces of information, consider them homework. The next time you get together the FIORST thing I’ll ask is DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK? You say yes, we continue, you say no, we freeze everything until you do.”


Th3e first few times I thought it was some kind of a game, then I sat down one day and figured out what his time was worth. THEN it hit me, this guy is spending $1200 every hour he’s talking to me. The VERY LEAST I can do is make sure the 2 questions he asked me to answer are being answered.


He was going to help me with a presentation one Friday. SO I worked what I thought was REALLY HARD, to make this a success. Then something happened and it just didn’t turn out as well as i should have. Why? Because even though he was spending 5 hours traveling from his home city to my presentation, plus the 5time it took to go through the presentation and the Q/A. For a first time, it “wasn’t bad” but for a seasoned pro it didn’t turn out nearly as well as it should have. If I had spent 10 – 12 hours preparing, about the total in travel; and expenses, and I had invested 2 MAYBE 3 hours preparing for this. He should have slapped me, I know I deserved it.


But HE was my accountability partner, and for many years we had a GREAT relation ship, and a VERY productive and profitable one. The world turned and some things happ3ned and now I was without an accountability partner.


This past weekend my church held a men’s encounter, it was amazing. But On my way in I KNEW I was missing something, something I REALL needed! I needed and accountability partner. SO I made a deal with “The BOSS”


As long as I did what I needed to do we would to!. Hence the reason it’s 1120pm. I didn’t due my due diligence any earlier, and MY commitment to my Partner, and my family, is that if I am expecting different results than those IN have been getting, I had to maintain my part of the bargain at any (within reason) cost.


SO remember, get a partner, heck if you cant find one, contact me, and I’ll help.


Because if you don’t get an accountability partner, then pick a REALLY good excuse…


because you’re going to need it, matter f fact make it a REALLY good one, because your going to be living the rest of your life by it.