Leadership I learned in space, Part TWO!

continuing from last time…


7) QUOTE: If you’re going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with STYLE?” – Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future

LESSON: Don’t just handle a project, put YOUR personal stamp on it and make it memorable!

In almost anything you take on there will be a stated way to make it a success and an unstated way to make it a failure, it’s up to you to smash through one, and not quite touch the other? Whether its coding a new allergy database or making a turn over presentation to the board of directors, there is some way that you can leave you personal mark of distinction on it without compromising the quality of your results! If you can’t see it than ask someone else, preferably the most creative business person you can find!


6) QUOTE: Reality is that thing in which, just because YOU don’t believe in it doesn’t make it go away!” – Phillip K. Dick Sci Fi Author

LESSON: You get more done by challenging reality and accepted standards than you do bt mere acceptance.

There are certain things you can argue against until you’re blue in the face and you wont change at all! Gravity is a constant, water is wet and drop an anvil on the head of a Road Runner and he will die! However, there are many instances where we have been taught that something is a constant or a rule or law, and later investigation turns it on its ear! Time for instance. We all learned in school that there are 2 constants you cant work against, the speed of light and time! Unfortunately we are slowly but surely finding out that light is slowing down and time is affected by things such as height, speed distance, etc. So obviously those two items, at last are no longer constants! What else in your life have you accepted as being rock solid, that are proving to be much more malleable than you first thought? Challenge them, that’s how you will know for sure.


WHAT? that’s only TWO! Well yes I have gotten some comments that recently I have been a tad long winded, therefore we will be breaking this up!

Yes I know that’s somewhat contrary to the nature of this series, I am technically taking away one of your excuses, but I know that by now, if you’ve read any of my posts or at least the highlights, than you should already have one in mind and ready to use…


So remember if you’re going to use an excuse, make it a good one, after all you may find that no one cares, or is listening, so why waste the effort.

Just PICK ONE and stick with it, you’re going to NEED IT!