more leadership lessons from beyond!

5) QUOTE: Does anyone remember when we were explorers?– Capt. Jean-Luc Picard STTNG

LESSON: You got IN this situation because of your curious nature, so value your moments of discovery!

When we were kids and someone said, “What do YOU want to be when you grow up?”, how many of us said, “I want to sit behind a desk and allow middle managers with a fraction of my imagination berate me daily for coloring outside the lines?” NONE OF US! Yet that is unfortunately where many of us have ended up.

My suggestion is that in some area of your life you go the opposite direction! Now I’m not suggesting that we all wear hemp sandals and try and unplug from the “grid” but if you have a hobby, how far is it from what you do during the day? Many readers may not know that I work as an IT Consultant during the day, currently, but in my off hours I have TWO very diverse hobbies, one is Theological Studies and the other is Guitar Design and Manufacture. Many people just fell out of their chairs. Yes I know seems rather unusual, but its true! Me, whose wife has 911 on speed dial when I would look at a hammer, now own and work with band saws, oscillating frill press’s as well as look up an understand the meanings of rather obscure names in our bible!

I recommend that EVERYONE should have a hobby for when they retire, but if you don’t start now, you will be in the learning stage at that point in life where you should be focusing on the Tennessee Waltz!

4) QUOTE: Always two there are, a master and an apprentice.– Yoda, Star Wars

LESSON: Never forget that you are able to increase YOUR knowledge under the guidance of respected experts in their field.

But, if you choose not to take advantage of that opportunity, it may as well not even exist! Often the American Educational system is criticized due to a segment of our student population that scores lower in math, science, reading what have you. Instead of blaming one of the first countries in the world to REQUIRE and provide a free education to everyone under a certain age, why don’t we instead look at the support system in place around these students.

I was in High School in the early 1980’s and even then there were two differing opinions about continuing education, completely dependent upon who was in the conversation. If the parents could afford or had benefited from an education then college was a given. But in some homes where parents were “self made” or could not afford college, they made sure to point out that “I raised a family of 7 with nothin more than an 8th grade education! College is for sissies.” That is, sadly, an exact quote. I think most educators today would agree that if the parents can see the value of an education beyond their own, and they are willing to INVEST the time into their children, than college can be a given regardless of your economic situation.

But even in the first grade, teachers are calling parent conferences on their own time, only to have the student become the only representative, or sometimes an older (1 or 2 years at best) sibling. Because mom and dad are too busy. I get that in today’s market no one wants to lose a job, but if you spend more time in front of your TV than you do in front of your kids homework, than you are relegating them to live in a less successful situation than YOU ARE!.


WHAT? that’s only TWO! Well yes I have gotten some comments that recently I have been a tad long winded, therefore we will be breaking this up!

Yes I know that’s somewhat contrary to the nature of this series, I am technically taking away one of your excuses, but I know that by now, if you’ve read any of my posts or at least the highlights, than you should already have one in mind and ready to use…


So remember if you’re going to use an excuse, make it a good one, after all you may find that no one cares, or is listening, so why waste the effort.

Just PICK ONE and stick with it, you’re going to NEED IT!