Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 31

DO NOT make THIS excuse…

My son is enrolled in a great summer camp, they have movies, and bowling and swimming and all kinds of really neat activities, matter of fact mom and I want to go. But I noticed something the other day, that on one hand I almost wish I hadn’t. See Charlie attends a private school and …

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Jul 30

Making Progress or Excuses?

We were planning an upcoming event that revolves around my son last night and about the half way point through our discussion I was suddenly reminded that as much as she and I try and include our son in so many things we do, when we were growing up this was something that would not …

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Jul 27

Honesty, whether your advertising youreself, your business or….

One of our regular readers hit us up with the following: “I’ve been ‘practicing’ my presentation that I use with my clients, but somehow tit is not coming across as “genuine” to me. As someone who promotes a specific ethical stance this doesn’t seem to be representing complete transparency, am I not being honest? ” …

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Jul 24

‘Nuff Said!

need we say more?

One of my favorite writers/publishers of all time would end all his editorials with the statement “‘Nuff Said.” Essentially telling the world that what he has said is all that NEEDS to be said. In that vein I give you the following:  

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