Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 28


As much as I would love to turn this into a full blown multimedia, several day several thousand dollar marketing seminar, but you don’t really want to sit through that I don’t really want to write that, and at the moment the blog is free so, it seems like we are all coming out ahead …

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Apr 24

Developing a product FOR that niche…

OK, you’ve got your niche, now you can do one of 3 things: 1) develop the worlds GREATEST product that you yourself feel the world needs 2) allow your NICHE to tell you what they want in a product, then develop it 3) do a little research and see what a combination of 1 and …

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Apr 16

Finding the Right Niche – part deux

  Your niche can actually go in any one, or several, or all of a few different directions. For example, traditionally a customer walks into a store, pulls a guitar off the wall, plays it, likes it buys it. Or they see it in a catalog; feel from its description that they will like it …

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Apr 02

7 things NOT to make an excuse for in business:

I know from previous experience that many of the folks who read and follow my ideas are business owners, or leaders in the businesses that they work in every day. Therefore, even though this site is designed to help you STOP making excuses there are several things that there are NO excuse for in business, …

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