Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 28


When was the last time you stopped and watched some ants? I know, sounds kind of goofy, but I do have a 5 year old, and I remember being his age and being fascinated by ants. No matter what you could NOT deter these guys, you could put a stick in their mound, you could …

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Mar 24

Stop Whining and start HELPING!

You’re going to notice that for the next 2 posts I’m going to “jump the shark as they say (Rubber Jelly bean to the first person who tells me where that phrase originated!) And try and get just a little serious about something OTHER than what we are normally so deeply and passionately devoted to! …

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Mar 20

Can your reaction to problems make them worse?

                 In the 80’s we were told “don’t worry, be happy.” And many folks believed that, and embraced the idea wholeheartedly. But were they doing themselves any good? Or were they just grasping at “air” as many of their business counterparts thought at the time?           Well if you were a devotee …

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Mar 16

Don’t worry, Be happy!

       Ask most Americans what their first reaction to “issues” are and the majority will say “worry.” Well, OK, most will say “First I freak out, and then I sit and worry.” I admit, this is NOT due to some decades long, all reaching, academically funded study, no, instead this is an opinion …

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Mar 12

So Which one IS IT

Wow, you guys have EMAIL, and know how to use it with impunity! I;ve gotten a lot of emails this week from folks who have put 2 and 2 together and come up with an imaginary number, based on my last several posts. To quote John H. “It sounds like, from your interactions with Jim …

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Mar 08

…Well ALMOST any excuse…

My wife and I start work at about the same time every day, but my schedule is slightly less rigid than hers, so for the moment it’s my responsibility to drop Charlie off at school.  For those of you new to my universe, Charlie is my 5 yo and this is his first year of …

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Mar 04

…Now that’s the easy part.

No whining, no crying and certainly no moaning, groaning or complaining, and when it comes to making up an excuse, well by now you should know better. So what does that leave? What else is there? That’s actually pretty simple, and if my five year old can understand it in less than a week, I …

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