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Aug 08

Ok, NOW I’m mad!

   Naïve Sense of Entitlement. We are watching an ENTIRE generation grow up with EXACTLY this. We are watching a generation of children, raising children. These are people who were NOT out of mom’s house and yet found themselves pregnant, and now they have to raise a child when they don’t know how to care …

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Feb 21


My dad gave me this when I was 17, just before I left for college. I wont tell you HOW long ago that was, needless to say its been a long time. Long enough that when a very good friend of mine decided to remind HIS team of it, I felt it time to remind …

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Feb 20

…because for me…

…they all not only happened, but happened one right after the other, but they didn’t wait for one to stop then the next one started, they just piled up on each other, For those of you who know me personally you know that when I say, “I have no IDEA how I broke my knee …

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Apr 24

Developing a product FOR that niche…

OK, you’ve got your niche, now you can do one of 3 things: 1) develop the worlds GREATEST product that you yourself feel the world needs 2) allow your NICHE to tell you what they want in a product, then develop it 3) do a little research and see what a combination of 1 and …

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Mar 20

Can your reaction to problems make them worse?

                 In the 80’s we were told “don’t worry, be happy.” And many folks believed that, and embraced the idea wholeheartedly. But were they doing themselves any good? Or were they just grasping at “air” as many of their business counterparts thought at the time?           Well if you were a devotee …

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Mar 16

Don’t worry, Be happy!

       Ask most Americans what their first reaction to “issues” are and the majority will say “worry.” Well, OK, most will say “First I freak out, and then I sit and worry.” I admit, this is NOT due to some decades long, all reaching, academically funded study, no, instead this is an opinion …

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Feb 17

NOT so much the HOW as the WHY?

Last time I walked you through a meeting where my mentor and business hero “Phil” had basically just tossed “the baby out with the bathwater” in reference to someone who wanted to do business with him. Now Phil did go on to explain a little more about his history with Andrew, but je also taught …

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Feb 15

Any excuse will do, just pick ONE!

I was trying to do business with one of the smartest, wealthiest and most well established business builders that I had ever had the pleasure to meet, when one night he invited me to a business meeting that he was having with someone else, who also wanted to do business with him. Now Phil, the …

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