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Well than what ELSE is there?

After all the way I’ve made it sound having an excuse, even a “valid” one is a really bad idea, as a matter of fact some folks, based just on my previous descriptions may have decided that having excuses will warp you spine, deteriorate your mind, cause your hair to turn loose and your pants …

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Then there was Jim

So, just like the loyal entrepreneur I was I dutifully called Jim back on Wednesday of the following week. He was with a client, but his secretary sent me through to his voicemail.  Not wanting to seem like a pest I waited, and when there was no response by the following Monday, I called him …

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NOT so much the HOW as the WHY?

Last time I walked you through a meeting where my mentor and business hero “Phil” had basically just tossed “the baby out with the bathwater” in reference to someone who wanted to do business with him. Now Phil did go on to explain a little more about his history with Andrew, but je also taught …

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Any excuse will do, just pick ONE!

I was trying to do business with one of the smartest, wealthiest and most well established business builders that I had ever had the pleasure to meet, when one night he invited me to a business meeting that he was having with someone else, who also wanted to do business with him. Now Phil, the …

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