Well than what ELSE is there?

After all the way I’ve made it sound having an excuse, even a “valid” one is a really bad idea, as a matter of fact some folks, based just on my previous descriptions may have decided that having excuses will warp you spine, deteriorate your mind, cause your hair to turn loose and your pants to get tight, and those are just the good points! In reflection, I would say that if you are over the age of 12, that’s probably a pretty accurate statement. After all, for many folks in the US the alternative to making progress is to stick their head in the sand and hope that ‘someone’, anyone, will make the decision for them.

Just so long as that someone is not, an overly large government, or a not-deservedly wealthy business owner, or anyone else that they would rather protest against than ever accept assistance from. Unless of course it was free and came with no strings attached, in which case they will accept help from just about anyone. Once they have reached this point most folks are so far underwater that they will accept help from almost anyone anytime, just so long as they can then turn around and point a finger at that person/government/entity and blame them for all of life’s woes.

Again, as long as you are under the legal driving age in any of the 50 states you are more than welcome to try the above options. However, anyone past that point, or wishing to be considered something along the lines of an ADULT I recommend that you shut up and stop whining. No one wants to hear it, and to be honest, no one really cares! Oh yes we all have those “sponges” in our lives who will ‘soak up; anything and everything we so wish to dumb on then at any given time. Of course like any good sponge, they must be “wrung out” on occasion at which point you will not only get flooded with all of your own negativity but all the whining that they have learned from everyone else in their lives.

By the way, you can probably guess this already, but I don’t even tolerate a lot of whining from my 5 year old. After all he wants to be treated like a “big boy” he needs to learn to act like one. Now don’t think that I’m one of those tyrants who berates his child every time he sheds a tear when he skins his knee. He broke his leg last month, after his mom did all the “cooing and soothing” that mothers should all be good at, I came in and explained that it was OK to cry, after all it was a natural reaction to what was happening. The broken leg was God’s way of telling him not to “do that again.” and the pain was a simple reaction to the swelling that was going on in an effort for his leg to heal.

I’m sure he stopped listening after “it’s OK to cry, it’s supposed to feel that way.” However the one thing that I will NOT allow is the ‘crying’ that occurs when he knows he has been caught doing something wrong. THAT is not to be tolerated. After all in his case it’s a multifold attempt distract the discipline and make mom and dad feel so bad as to not exercise said discipline.

So what SHOULD I do? No whining, no crying, com moaning, groaning or complaining? Then WHAT?


For that you’ll have to check back!


Or just choose one, anyone…www.any-excuse.com