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Oct 29

I heard a GREAT statement this afternoon…

That was so amazingly spot on target that I couldn’t believe that neither I nor any of my cohorts had ever voiced such a statement before.  The conversation was about what people will and won’t pay for, something that is always a pertinent question when dealing with businessmen. From where some folks sit, the buying …

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Aug 14

We Interrupt this blog to bring you the following ***SPECIAL REPORT**** GenNow and how to get the most from them!

<continued from last weeks training session> …Last time we talked about some of the challenges that are presented by the hiring of GenNOW employees. Just as a refresher then GenNOW folks are those people who graduated school, and thus received their greatest influences, within the last 7 years. Now I understand this is not how …

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Jul 31

DO NOT make THIS excuse…

My son is enrolled in a great summer camp, they have movies, and bowling and swimming and all kinds of really neat activities, matter of fact mom and I want to go. But I noticed something the other day, that on one hand I almost wish I hadn’t. See Charlie attends a private school and …

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Jul 27

Honesty, whether your advertising youreself, your business or….

One of our regular readers hit us up with the following: “I’ve been ‘practicing’ my presentation that I use with my clients, but somehow tit is not coming across as “genuine” to me. As someone who promotes a specific ethical stance this doesn’t seem to be representing complete transparency, am I not being honest? ” …

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Jul 24

‘Nuff Said!

need we say more?

One of my favorite writers/publishers of all time would end all his editorials with the statement “‘Nuff Said.” Essentially telling the world that what he has said is all that NEEDS to be said. In that vein I give you the following:  

Jun 12

The Secret has been REVEALED….

So, you are now familiar with the concept of The Infinite Goal Setting Process, hopefully you have even taken the time out of your busy schedule to PERFOMR the Infinite Goal setting. If not, close your browser and return when your have! We will undoubtedly moved on, but bookmark today’s page, because your going to …

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May 08


As a wise man once said, only with focus can the picture become clear! Well, OK, I just made that up, but you have to admit, it sounds pretty wise! This, the fifth part of our series is concerned with focus and specifically focusing on not only what is important, but on one thing at …

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Apr 28


As much as I would love to turn this into a full blown multimedia, several day several thousand dollar marketing seminar, but you don’t really want to sit through that I don’t really want to write that, and at the moment the blog is free so, it seems like we are all coming out ahead …

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Apr 16

Finding the Right Niche – part deux

  Your niche can actually go in any one, or several, or all of a few different directions. For example, traditionally a customer walks into a store, pulls a guitar off the wall, plays it, likes it buys it. Or they see it in a catalog; feel from its description that they will like it …

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Apr 02

7 things NOT to make an excuse for in business:

I know from previous experience that many of the folks who read and follow my ideas are business owners, or leaders in the businesses that they work in every day. Therefore, even though this site is designed to help you STOP making excuses there are several things that there are NO excuse for in business, …

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