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Apr 10

Leadership, and thereby excuse DESTROYERS, are EVERYWHERE!

That’s right! I hate to tell you but even if you want to spend your life watching TV you’re going to find that your excuses are not going to be allowed to stand! I know I keep telling you to pick ONE and keep using it, but I am afraid that even that one isn’t going to do you any good if you …

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Mar 12


     Now when I started this series I never imagined that I would post what follows, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of those who know me well enough to know some of my personal beliefs and ideas. After all, what part of a man’s life will he MOST LIKELY be using …

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Mar 11


     I got an email the other day, and that was the gist of it: “I got a stinking accountability partner, NOW WHAT?”      OK, maybe I deserved that, But I really didn’t think I put forth the feeling that it was in the act of finding an AP that would magically solve all your …

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Mar 05

…and the next excuse was…

There is no next excuse, that’s what were here for, to make sure that the last excuse you used was the last one you will ever need. But its been so long and I forgot to do this, and I didn’t call that person and…   Hey we all get busy, suck it up and …

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Feb 21


My dad gave me this when I was 17, just before I left for college. I wont tell you HOW long ago that was, needless to say its been a long time. Long enough that when a very good friend of mine decided to remind HIS team of it, I felt it time to remind …

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Feb 20

…because for me…

…they all not only happened, but happened one right after the other, but they didn’t wait for one to stop then the next one started, they just piled up on each other, For those of you who know me personally you know that when I say, “I have no IDEA how I broke my knee …

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Feb 12

Choose one please…

OK, of the following, which of these would you classify as a legitimate reason for not working, and which would be excuses? 1. i broke my knee in 6 places 2. my mom is in ICU for 3 weeks and then sent home on isolation for 3 months 3.  My job relocates, resizes and re …

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Oct 29

I heard a GREAT statement this afternoon…

That was so amazingly spot on target that I couldn’t believe that neither I nor any of my cohorts had ever voiced such a statement before.  The conversation was about what people will and won’t pay for, something that is always a pertinent question when dealing with businessmen. From where some folks sit, the buying …

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Sep 26

…and now for something I know you’ll REALLY like…

I got a gift the other day. I came home from work and lo and behold there on my doorstep was a package with a book in it. At my house that’s not REALLY an unusual thing, matter of fact you can come to my house almost any day UPS/FEDEX/USPS are working and you will …

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Aug 14

We Interrupt this blog to bring you the following ***SPECIAL REPORT**** GenNow and how to get the most from them!

<continued from last weeks training session> …Last time we talked about some of the challenges that are presented by the hiring of GenNOW employees. Just as a refresher then GenNOW folks are those people who graduated school, and thus received their greatest influences, within the last 7 years. Now I understand this is not how …

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